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Friday, May 7, 2010


Ghousia Girls College
The religion of Islam is a blessing and bounty for all the human beings without any discrimination of color, creed, language, race and quality. Like wise, Islam is not only for one kind of the human beings to take it from lowliness or inferiority to the exaltation but also it is supporter for both kinds (men & women) to reach them at the stage of perfection. Islam opens the doors of the exaltation and magnificence equally for both of the kinds (men & women).
Islam gave most respectable place to the women in the society. Islam gave a code of conduct to the women for their mental growth and formation of the character and personality. To create the awareness among the women about this code of conduct and ethics, the religious education is necessary for them so that the new generations can preserve their Islamic Identity. Because provision of the education to the women is similar to educate a whole nation. A thinker said, "Give me educated mothers and I will provide you an educated nation".
This was the idea on which, Ghousia Girls College was founded in September 1990.

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